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Productivity and Digital Hoarding

Productivity and Digital HoardingHey crafty Pinners! How many things have you pinned on Pinterest? How many boards do you have?

Now that you have a number in mind, what percentage of those projects or recipes have you tried? 90% or maybe 75%? Maybe at least 50…maybe zero.

I have had a sort of stagnant period before where I gather all these ideas and how-to guides and recipes..whatever appealed to me that was DIY and crafty or tasty. Then, I can get burnt out afterward for a while and maybe do a project here and something there whenever I get the urge.

This year has brought about motivation and energy to put toward making crafts and food my life. I had joined Pinterest a year or two ago but only browsed around a few times. Then, just last month I created one for the Lazyarn name and have found it very useful to keep me motivated and inspired to continue creating and redecorating. It’s nice! I use it as a motivational tool instead of something I do to distract me from being productive. I’ve just come to realize lately how much I haven’t done in the way of my goals (crafty and otherwise) and it feels awesome to start checking some things off the goal list!

Something for you to think about if you feel stuck in a rut, lazy, and obsessed with collecting digital ideas and images. Lazyarn knows that feel!



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