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New Listings!

New Listings!

Bless Our Nest Bird Cross Stitch Pattern, Digital File, Customizable!
$5.00+ USD



Abstract Cross Stitch Pattern, Digital File, Teal, Blue, Gold, Orange, Green, Silver, Gray

$2.50 USD



Update time!!

Update time!!

So it’s been a while since I made a post of substance…Lately I’ve been into making Treasuries on Etsy! So easy and quick, also great eye candy. It’s like window shopping! Check mine out here: https://www.etsy.com/people/Lazyarn/treasury

I’ve also listed a couple more things on my Shop! Going to try and get some other types of crafts up soon! Not just cross-stitch patterns! 🙂

I’ve also been working on my Etsy spreadsheet in Excel for bookkeeping purposes. I’m just so excited about it. I’m that nerdy!

– Happy crafting! 🙂


Work in Progress

Work in Progress

The photo is my current work in progress. I’ve been more excited about getting my stuff straight for the Etsy store and the Lazyarn name. I haven’t been paying enough attention to it but I’m off 2 days of the next 6 so hopefully, I will make some good progress! 🙂

Trying to figure out all the tax details for selling on Etsy is kind of a headache though! Any tips or advice? Leave a comment or email me at Lazyarn@Gmail.com
Any tips or experiences are welcome!

Finally, me time!

I’m finally getting to start a new cross-stitch tonight after working all week at my part-time job as well as working to get all my social media profiles set up and cohesive. 🙂 This is for a family member and I’m pretty excited about it! She contacted me on Facebook and asked me if I could make her a stitch she found online. I did some research and found the pattern and the rest is yet to come. Woohoo!



*Sticky Post* For Custom Cross Stitch Orders:

This post is for buyers of Lazyarn’s crafts from the Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LazyarnStitches
If you would like a custom design/craft outside of the Etsy marketplace, please email me directly at lazyarn@gmail.com for more information. Thanks! Read on 🙂

Thank you very much for your purchase and showing interest in my shop! Please read the following list about your cross-stitch pattern customization options. You may request a design for download/email OR a design & stitch job, where you end up with a brand new bookmark via snail mail! Prices will vary.

You have customization options galore for your cross stitch designs::

1. FonExamplet shape* – I have at least 30 patterns. *See link below.

2. Font thread color(s)-Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, White, Pink, Teal.
If you have another preference not listed, let me know! 🙂 No charge will be added.
—Please specify hue of the colors you would like as well. Pastel? Bold? Light, dark, regular green?
Random colors? Lazyarn’s choice? You decide it all, or you can let me use my best judgement. 😉 *See link below.

3.Font outline thread color, if outline is desired (as shown in example). Some fonts may look better without an outline, as will some colors. Use your best judgement. (or mine)  See #2 for color choices.

4. Small object designs-I have several clip-art style designs. *See link below.

5. Small object color/outline color if desired– See #2 for color choices.

6. Border design, if desired. *See link below for images.

7. Border color-See #2 for color choices.

8. Finally, WORDS! A name? Initials? Date? Quote? Please type it exactly as you want the letters to appear on your pattern- including capitalization and punctuation.
*–Certain fonts have only all caps. Certain fonts are small and good for quotes and wordy designs. Keep that in mind when choosing a font.
–Examples of how to type and format your request: Initial caps: Happy Birthday Mom!
All lower case: happy birthday mom!

Link to view your color choices, fonts, borders, and small design options: http://lazyarn.imgur.com/

Now that you know all your choices, take a look at all the images to help you decide on fonts, colors, etc. Be sure you really think about all 8 questions and contact me with your decisions. To make it easier for you, here is a form for you to use when you email me:  Custom CrossStitch Order Form (click to download)
Together, we can create the perfect keepsake for your needs!

Thanks again, so much!

Kari, shop owner
Lazyarn Stitches

@Lazyarn on Twitter


Check out my Etsy store!

Check out my Etsy store!

Custom requests are welcome!


Elly May models her new toy!

Elly May models her personal toy!

I made this toy from an old shirt, poly-fill, and a squeaker. I make simple, small dog toys from time to time good for small and medium size dogs. I can also make them without stuffing and/or squeakers.


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