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Now selling!!!!

Ooooh I have important news for myself! I have made my first 2 sales in my Etsy shop this week! Happy Friday!

Lazyarn Stitches by LazyarnStitches on Etsy


If you love cross-stitching or know someone who does, check out my links!
Thanks so much for looking! Feel free to contact me via Lazyarn@Gmail.com

Links within. Progress Report:

So, I put my first 2 listings on Etsy May 11th and 12th. Those 2 item listings have 10 and 11 views (respectively). I listed a new item 2 days ago and it already has 11 views! Sexy! https://www.etsy.com/shop/LazyarnStitches

I haven’t made any sells yet, but that is quite ok with me! I’ve got 3 other cross-stitch projects going on at once while working on sewing new curtains for my living room, AND trying to establish the Lazyarn name across several social networking sites.

In the meantime, I’m getting all of my custom order needs sorted out, including uploading pictures of examples/choices! See what I mean here: http://lazyarn.imgur.com/

I’m gaining more followers everyday! https://twitter.com/Lazyarn

And I post a variety of different content on both my Facebook and my Tumblr accounts!

I’m also on Pinterest and Google+
https://plus.google.com/u/0/117190363374598410548/posts (tells me profile is in review, whatever that means?)

Thanks for stopping by! Contact me if you have any questions about my process or ordering a pattern! LazyarN@Gmail.com


Work in Progress

Work in Progress

The photo is my current work in progress. I’ve been more excited about getting my stuff straight for the Etsy store and the Lazyarn name. I haven’t been paying enough attention to it but I’m off 2 days of the next 6 so hopefully, I will make some good progress! 🙂

Trying to figure out all the tax details for selling on Etsy is kind of a headache though! Any tips or advice? Leave a comment or email me at Lazyarn@Gmail.com
Any tips or experiences are welcome!

To do.

I’m looking into expanding the Lazyarn name across all social media so here is a list I have. These are just the sites I’m not already on.


Any suggestions?

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