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Happy June!

Happy June!

Here is a free Bird Cross-Stitch Design I made a couple of years ago! Experienced stitchers could even add in more feather details, a branch, or tree., or just use more color. I have a friend that loves birds (the same friend I made this for: http://i.imgur.com/qs4h6wK.jpg) and this was another design I had been working on for her, a small piece of a much lager design.

Are you working on anything at the moment? Any works in progress?

I have a million things going on with the part-time job and side gigs that have been popping up (catering, photo-shoots) and I’m trying to stay motivated to stitch! I really have to work on my Etsy store this week because I am anticipating a sell as soon as I list a few more things, including physical items (not just digital files). I have read or been directly given some great advice so, it’s time to make my research pay off. 🙂

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