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Update big time!

FIRST OF ALL!!! NEW ETSY LISTING!! I designed these earlier today after being inspired by some clip-art on a magazine cover! They are both 40by40 Xs when cross-stitched. (Patterns that are bought will be much larger than my sample pictures.;)


And now for the updatesssssssssssss

Sorry to ignore yas, readers. I sorta ran out of steam for my Etsy shop and crafting as more holidays and birthdays took priority over the last month or 2. And then of course working more to make money for our anniversary trip.. which was cancelled until weather is perfect for our needs. (Beach girl here!) Howeverrrr…check this out:


Managed to get this stitched in early July for a family member’s birthday card! Quick and easy. The yellow lines on the 6 also have green stitches where they meet the blue lines, but it’s hard to tell with my yellowy tinted picture!


I did make this earlier last month for a family member. It is about 3inx3in. I designed and made it the cover art for a small bday card. 🙂

Another new development….I learned how to knit thanks to this YouTube video! I must have paused and replayed sections of it for about 30 minutes and kept trying until my hands hurt to make it look good. I came to the conclusion that I have the wrong yarn and the wrong needles for the job as a beginner! Hehe 🙂

Knitting is enjoyable, though. I remember when I was younger, the women in my family were crafty so I learned how to crochet. Since I never really did it much in past decades, I forgot how. Knitting seemed intimidating with all those needles and all those fancy maneuvers, but it doesn’t seem so bad anymore! 😀 Yaay! Scarves for Christmas!

Kitten Acquired!

New Listings!

Bless Our Nest Bird Cross Stitch Pattern, Digital File, Customizable!
$5.00+ USD



Abstract Cross Stitch Pattern, Digital File, Teal, Blue, Gold, Orange, Green, Silver, Gray

$2.50 USD


Update time!!

So it’s been a while since I made a post of substance…Lately I’ve been into making Treasuries on Etsy! So easy and quick, also great eye candy. It’s like window shopping! Check mine out here: https://www.etsy.com/people/Lazyarn/treasury

I’ve also listed a couple more things on my Shop! Going to try and get some other types of crafts up soon! Not just cross-stitch patterns! 🙂

I’ve also been working on my Etsy spreadsheet in Excel for bookkeeping purposes. I’m just so excited about it. I’m that nerdy!

– Happy crafting! 🙂

Etsy Listing!


This is a custom design I made simply because I like the quote. I might stitch one of my own one day. 10 Colors are used in the pattern. The entire design pictured is 64Xs wide and 58Xs long when stitched. Please contact me if you’d like a custom design! 🙂 All buyers immediately receive a $2 off coupon to spend in the shop!

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