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Etsy Sellers?

Hi! I’ve recently (3 weeks ago) opened an Etsy shop for cross-stitching. So far, I have over 80 views and zero sells.


At the moment, I am completely happy enough with views. I have about 4 other projects going on at the moment that take up all my time, so that’s fine. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for policies, item descriptions, listing tags, shipping/taxing issues, whatever. Please comment or email me at LazyarN@Gmail.com

😀 Thanks!


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  1. I find the more items you have in your store the better you are for being found, for some sellers that’s 10 items, for others it’s 100. Good photographs are key too, and I’d recommend you fill out your shop policies page too!

    Good luck!

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    • Thanks for replying! I’ve definitely been shaping up my policies offline to be added asap. Also, thought about better/more pictures and adding more, which I intend to do this week because I have a day off 😀 I appreciate it. Like I say, the views are good enough for now because I’m still wrapped up in the beginning steps. 🙂


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