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Since I’ve been at work (the past 4 days to now) on setting up the Lazyarn name online, I’ve hit some milestones!

Here, on WP, I have 8 followers?! What? When did that happen? 🙂

https://www.etsy.com/shop/LazyarnStitches has had 40 views!
http://lazyarn.tumblr.com/ hit 250 posts!
https://twitter.com/Lazyarn now has over 30 followers!
https://www.facebook.com/LazyarnEtsy I created a FB page to share and keep track of crafty stuff there, follow if you dig it!
http://www. pinterest.com/Lazyarn/ I made a Pinterest for some new eye candy. Old/finished projects are also posted here!
https://plus.google.com/117190363374598410548 I updated my G+ just because.
http://imgur.com/user/Lazyarn is now under continued construction for custom order requests.

Thanks for your continued support through following, liking, and reposting me! Maybe I can make something pretty for you one day!

-Kari, shop owner


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