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This post is for buyers of Lazyarn’s crafts from the Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LazyarnStitches
If you would like a custom design/craft outside of the Etsy marketplace, please email me directly at lazyarn@gmail.com for more information. Thanks! Read on 🙂

Thank you very much for your purchase and showing interest in my shop! Please read the following list about your cross-stitch pattern customization options. You may request a design for download/email OR a design & stitch job, where you end up with a brand new bookmark via snail mail! Prices will vary.

You have customization options galore for your cross stitch designs::

1. FonExamplet shape* – I have at least 30 patterns. *See link below.

2. Font thread color(s)-Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, White, Pink, Teal.
If you have another preference not listed, let me know! 🙂 No charge will be added.
—Please specify hue of the colors you would like as well. Pastel? Bold? Light, dark, regular green?
Random colors? Lazyarn’s choice? You decide it all, or you can let me use my best judgement. 😉 *See link below.

3.Font outline thread color, if outline is desired (as shown in example). Some fonts may look better without an outline, as will some colors. Use your best judgement. (or mine)  See #2 for color choices.

4. Small object designs-I have several clip-art style designs. *See link below.

5. Small object color/outline color if desired– See #2 for color choices.

6. Border design, if desired. *See link below for images.

7. Border color-See #2 for color choices.

8. Finally, WORDS! A name? Initials? Date? Quote? Please type it exactly as you want the letters to appear on your pattern- including capitalization and punctuation.
*–Certain fonts have only all caps. Certain fonts are small and good for quotes and wordy designs. Keep that in mind when choosing a font.
–Examples of how to type and format your request: Initial caps: Happy Birthday Mom!
All lower case: happy birthday mom!

Link to view your color choices, fonts, borders, and small design options: http://lazyarn.imgur.com/

Now that you know all your choices, take a look at all the images to help you decide on fonts, colors, etc. Be sure you really think about all 8 questions and contact me with your decisions. To make it easier for you, here is a form for you to use when you email me:  Custom CrossStitch Order Form (click to download)
Together, we can create the perfect keepsake for your needs!

Thanks again, so much!

Kari, shop owner
Lazyarn Stitches

@Lazyarn on Twitter

Source: Free Coffee Table Woodworking Plan

AHHHH I should be getting one of these this weekend! Just waiting on it to be delivered for pickup at the store…any thoughts on this camera body? 😀 I’m excited for my first DSLR! Have always been a Canon gal and wanted a Rebel for years!Source: EOS Rebel SL1 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit


The Angry Owl, Halloween 2015

Halloween was great, October was super busy – I mean ALL month long – BUSY! So am ready for some chill time and the holidays!!!

The Etsy Shop is doing alright, too! I’ve made 3 sales so far this year but have received no feedback or repeat customers, which is something I’m looking for!! Check it out…I’m always adding something or tweaking the appearance of the shop!


Cross-Stitch I Love You Typography Design by LazyarnStitches http://etsy.me/1jTigK2 via @Etsy


Townhome Sweet Townhome Digital Cross Stitch by LazyarnStitches http://etsy.me/1JwRUbG via @Etsy


No Smoking Cross Stitch Pattern No Smokin’ by LazyarnStitches http://etsy.me/1k8BhZ0 via @Etsy


PopCorn Not Pills Cross Stitch Pattern Digital by LazyarnStitches http://etsy.me/1NlRE0B via @Etsy

Here are my newest additions:


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Source: Welcome to the World!


It’s my newest design! I have been wanting to stitch something like this for a while, so I designed my own! Just 5 bucks for a fun day or two of stitching! Pick your own colors for a more personal touch! Check out this listing here:

Now selling!!!!

Ooooh I have important news for myself! I have made my first 2 sales in my Etsy shop this week! Happy Friday!

Lazyarn Stitches by LazyarnStitches on Etsy


If you love cross-stitching or know someone who does, check out my links!
Thanks so much for looking! Feel free to contact me via Lazyarn@Gmail.com

Check out my newest digital item!! Ice Cube “Good Day” Lyrics Cross-Stitch Pattern  http://etsy.me/1GPWb6n #Etsy

– – – – –

Etsy jargon:

GoodDay0 GoodDay1 GoodDay2

You know this classic by Ice Cube, right? If not, you should! It was a good day!

This cross-stitch pattern was designed by Lazyarn for personal use. You may create from this pattern, add to it, and\or give it as a gift. You may not replicate it for sale or pass my work as your own. Thank you for keeping the integrity!

This listing is for a digital cross stitch pattern file – PDF or .jpg files, you may specify.
The entire design is 102 Xs wide by 71 Xs tall when stitched. The whole pattern requires 9 thread colors.

PDF File/Jpeg images AND DMC Color Chart of required threads are available as soon as possible after purchase. *File is not immediately available due to copyrights.* You may contact me via Etsy Conversation or Gmail (Lazyarn@Gmail.com) if you have any questions or problems with the transaction or policies.

Thanks for looking!

© Lazyarn 2014
This is my personal design. I claim no rights to the original lyrics on which this pattern is based. Purchasing this item means you are buying it for personal use. You can modify colors or design to your liking if it is for personal use or gifting. No re-selling of my design in any form – pattern or stitched design – will be tolerated without prior consent. Please contact me with any questions. All buyers of Lazyarn’s goods will receive an email with a $2 Thank You Coupon Code immediately after purchase!

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